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Complex solutions

Globalization of markes puts us under more  and more pressure in the face of the ever increasing requirements to stay competive. Optimization of costs within the specific requirements on personnel is an obstruction to your development.

The employment of outside personnel helps you to increase the volume at minimum costs, excellent quality and keeping of delivery times. Please use our know- how and experience for flexible solutions in the providing of specialists.

We offer complex  solutions designed by our own specialists for the territory of the Europaen Union, Russia and Africa to meet all needs of our customers.


We have experience in the following fields:

  • Brewing industry
  • Elektric power and heat plants
  • Elektric power and heat plants
  • Food industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Repair activities


  1. Erection works pipelines, cables, insolutions, etc.
  2. Welds structures, pipelines, repairs, etc.
  3. Specific erection activities


The many years of experience of own specialists, the experienced team working for you and the flexible solutions can meet any of your  requirements will lead to enhancement of your competitiveness, minimizing of personnel costs and reliability in the solving of specific problems. Our specialists have the necessary professional licences, work permits for the relevant country, health and social insurances. We make arrangements for the travel, accommodation and outfit.


A view of the vocational range of our spezialized workers who ara available:

  • Welders with electrode, WIG, MIG,MAG
  • Elektrical fitters cables, generators, routes
  • Pipe fitters mechanical fitters, welders, erectors
  • Struktures erectors, welders, mechanical fitters
  • Erectors machines, lines, structures
  • Auxiliary personnel

All specialist workers have working clothes and protective equipment, and if so agreed und contract, manual tools and welding machines.